Hmmm, me…me... me, about meeee,… well for starters my name is Shelby Bertsch and I was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana, where through many years of extracurricular activities, I developed a talent and love for illustration and art in general. Through the influence of my mother and sister I also developed a slight obsession with cats, which honestly defines me as a person as much as my art does. I always said that when I grew up my dream was to make art and run a cat farm which looking back now would have just been a cat shelter aaaand I think I’ve gotten of topic…BACK TO ART!  Ahem, anyways over the years I have been asked many times what is my style, and to appease the asker, I usually replied with western superhero comic. The truth, however, is I have not one single defined style but many. My art can go from cartoony in one piece and realistic in the next, it all just depends on the artwork itself. A werewolf tearing apart a victim in a bloody mess doesn’t lend itself well to a cartoony style, where as a cat slipping on a banana fits right in. That’s the thing; I am not stuck on just one style of art and storytelling. I can be funny one week and horrific the next it all just depends on my mood. Also kitties are fluffy! ...Damn this cat obsessed mind!


Artists who inspire me: Ivan Reis, Bryan Hitch, Adam Hughes, and Tracy Jb